Design Sprint (English Edition) por Richard Banfield

February 18, 2019

Design Sprint (English Edition) por Richard Banfield

Titulo del libro: Design Sprint (English Edition)

Autor: Richard Banfield

Número de páginas: 122 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: August 3, 2018

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Richard Banfield con Design Sprint (English Edition)

You’re the product person in your organization. You may have no one reporting to you. You might have 50 people in your product group. You might be responsible for the entire product. Maybe the design team doesn’t report to you, neither do developers nor the marketing or the sales teams.
You’re very likely wondering how your unique needs will work with Design Sprints and are seeking more information than you can find in a few blog posts.
If any of these descriptions sound familiar, then this book was intended for you.

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